About Us

Stamco Ship Management serves the Car Carrier transportation business since 1993. In the course of the time the company has developed to a leading manager of a big fleet consisting exclusively by Car Carrier vessels.

Stamco was established in Piraeus in 1993. Since 1996 has moved to own premises in the center of Piraeus port. The business started by managing one second-hand Car Carrier vessel. However, as a result of Stamco’s successful management, and with the trust and contribution of our principals, the fleet of managed Car Carrier vessels gradually increased. In the year 2000 Stamco took over the two first new-building PCTC (Pure Car and Truck Carrier) vessels of 6600 cars capacity (the biggest in the world at that time) which were built under the supervision of Stamco specialists. Since then and up to 2016, more than 60 Car Carrier vessels were built under the attendance and supervision of Stamco specialists in Stocznia Gdynia shipyard, Poland, in Uljanik shipyard in Croatia, in HaLong Shipbuilding yard in Vietnam, and in Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in S.Korea. The last vessels taken over by Stamco were 6 PCTC’s of 7500 cars capacity from Hyundai Mipo Dockyard.

The new-buildings project continues in 2024-25 with the take over from Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries shipyard in S.Korea of 4 new-buildings, “green” PCTC vessels of 7500 car capacity.

At present Stamco is managing a fleet of 51 PCTC vessels, trading worldwide, and chartered by first class valued charterers in the car transportation business.

Our fleet is presently manned by more than 1200 qualified, experienced and well trained crew members. Most of the Officers onboard are employed via Stamco’s own office in Varna, Bulgaria, which has been established in 1993, being one of the first Seafarers’ Recruitment and Placement services in Bulgaria. Since 1995 the company has established a Cadetship program which contributed so that today most of the Officers and especially the Top Officers in our vessels have started their careers as Cadets in our fleet.
The sea-borne staff are supported by around 100 shore-based personnel worldwide.

Stamco brings 30 years of hands-on maritime experience in the successful management of the demanding Car Carrier vessels.

Our Mission

Stamco is committed to deliver ship management services of the highest standards that meet all Safety, Security, Environmental, and Legislative rules and regulations as well as meet the demanding requirements of our prominent Charterers. Our ship management operations are conducted in a manner that protects the Health and Safety of our crew, our vessels’ valuable cargo, and the Environment, all of them being of a paramount importance for our Company.

It is the company’s policy to ensure safety at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life, and avoidance of the damage to the environment, in particular, to the marine environment and property. The company has effectively established, promote, monitor and review Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental (HSQE) objectives, identify roles and responsibilities with performance criteria that facilitate the continuous improvement of HSQE.

Company's objectives regarding Safety Management:

  • To provide for safe practices in ship operation and a safe working environment
  • To prevent loss of human life and personal injury
  • To establish safeguards against all identified risks
  • To continuously improve safety management skills of personnel ashore and aboard ships, including preparing for emergencies related both to safety and environmental protection

In order to implement it's Safety and Environmental Protection Policy:

“All Company’s employees, shore-based and sea-going, are responsible for the successful implementation of the company’s HSQE Policy”

  • Has developed and implements procedures and instructions to ensure safe operation of ships and protection of the environment
  • Ensures compliance with mandatory Rules and Regulations taking into account all applicable Codes, Resolutions and Standards recommended by the IMO, Flag Administration, Classification Societies and Maritime Industry Organizations which are directed towards creating a safe and pollution free environment
  • Continuously improves the safety management skills and competence of the on-board and the on-shore personnel by promotion of familiarization, drills, and trainings and a constant interface between them
  • Monitors all safety aspects of the managed fleet and improves its management system by taking preventive and corrective action when required
  • Inspects the managed fleet on a regular and frequent basis and carries out necessary maintenance and repairs
  • Provides adequate resources to effectively implement the company’s Safety Management System

Our Team

The Stamco Ship Management team is formed by a combination of former Master Mariners, Chief Engineers, Senior maritime practitioners, and young shipping enthusiasts. The seamanship and experience of senior staff are injected into the younger generation which guarantees our determination for the company’s successful continuation at the highest standards in the future as well.